Announcing Played Out Challenge

So hey I’m looking at my credit card statement and oh right I’m paying for a domain name and a hosted WordPress site*.  I go look at it and it has one post about the cruft I picked up during last year’s Steam sale full of the kind of deep insight you only get out of half-heartedly messing with a game for 15 minutes. While this tickles my fuck gaming journalism** sensibilities it seems like kind of a waste, and it’s not like I just haven’t been writing about the stuff I’ve played, I only beat one game in 2014 (Dark Souls 2, obviously). That just ain’t right.

Anyway I decided to set myself one of those played out you-must-play-the-games-and-blog-about-them challenges for 2015! Here are the (provisional) rules:

  • ya colloquial boi must play one game and one game only for a week at a time.
  • at the end of the week (I’m thinking saturday) he’ll present his honest opinion about it on this here fine website
  • if a game is boring I still have to talk about it, no one-liners.
  • should I beat a game in under a week or run into unsolvable technical issues I’ll try to pick something else that’s short enough to get a decent handle on in the remaining amount of time. I don’t really care about beating games because most things get stale as hell but I want to get more than half an hour in so I can say something vaguely meaningful about it.

There you are, Played Out 2015! Week 1 is going to be South Park: the Stick of Truth. I haven’t seen South Park since like 2004 so I’m pretty curious.

*don't do this by the way they nickel and dime you for everything
** not in a gamergate kind of way, in general

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